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Fashion of Black Teeth in Old Japan


I’m literally crying


look at this dog baby

Kuroshitsuji is a very serious anime about murder and revenge.


A tribute to chubby RBY-era Pikachu! This will be a print at SMASH!




Heroic Male Model Strips To Save Drowning Dog

What other reasons are you reblogging this for, let’s just be honest here.

I don’t know about you , but I reblogged it because the cute ass fucking dog got saved and that makes me so happy .

My parents got home from the bank and they took over the tv and now they’re both on their phones

· ugh ·


 PRINT FOR AX i think i keep forgetting to mention it but im at G24! 

why does noface looks so dramatic what is happening


Carlos Villalon

Cocaine Country

1. A farmer waits to sell his cocaine base produce to a dealer in the town of Peñas Coloradas, Colombia

2. Cocaine base is bartered for supplies during the slow dry season, Santa Fe, Colombia

3. A FARG guerrilla chats with a woman after a football match in the town of Santa Fe, Colombia

4. Farmers sell their cocaine base produce to a dealer, Santa Fe, Colombia

5. Waiting to see a doctor two prostitutes have brought a bag to settle their bill, the same currency they received from clients, Peñas Coloradas, Colombia

6. Already skilled with machetes, these children prepare cuttings to plant a new coca field near the hamlet of La Playa, Colombia

7. A farmer tends a batch of cocaine base under a heater as his wife brews coffee in the kitchen, La Playa, Colombia

8. A FARC guerrilla stands by for security while a dealer weighs about a kilo of base in a shack across the river from Peñas Coloradas, Colombia

9. Starting the production of base, workers shuffle water, cement and lime into a morning harvest to leach sap from the leaves in the hamlet of La Playa, Colombia

10. FARC guerrillas in the town of Peñas Coloradas, Colombia


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